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Cancers We Treat

Jordan Valley Cancer Center is a new state-of-the-art cancer treatment facility in West Jordan, UT. We believe that our community deserves total, comprehensive cancer care, which entails having access to a variety of specialists and treatment modalities. Recognizing that no single oncologist can possibly offer every type of effective cancer treatment, we bring some of the area’s top specialists together in one facility to create custom treatment plans for our patients that are truly comprehensive. On this page, you can learn more about the cancers treated by the oncologists at Jordan Valley Cancer Center.

Breast Cancer

The second-most common cancer among women in the U.S., breast cancer affects approximately one in every eight women. While those numbers are high, there is good news. Breast cancer survivorship is approximately nine in 10 at five years post-diagnosis. Medical technology and understanding of breast cancer has improved significantly over the years. At Jordan Valley Cancer Center, a wide range of specialists partner together to offer comprehensive care for patients with breast cancer.

Learn more about Breast Cancer

Gastrointestinal Cancer

Gastrointestinal cancers affect organs of the digestive system. Many individuals and families have been affected by GI cancers in the United States. Colon cancer alone accounts for approximately 147,500 cancer diagnoses per year, making it the third most common cancer in the U.S. (excluding skin cancer). At Jordan Valley Cancer Center, medical, surgical and radiation oncologists partner together to fight gastrointestinal cancer in Utah. Learn more about…

Gynecological Cancer

Gynecological cancer affects hundreds of thousands of women each year. Endometrial cancer is the most common cancer of the female reproductive system; it is estimated there will be 60,050 new diagnoses of endometrial cancer in the U.S. in 2016. The goods news is that some GYN cancers are highly preventable and treatable when detected early through regular screenings. Learn more about how the oncologists of Jordan Valley Cancer Center use an integrative approach to evaluate, diagnose and treat gynecological cancer.

Head & Neck Cancer

Head and neck cancer includes cancers of the lips, mouth, nose throat and glands. Highest-risk individuals include males over the age of 45 who use tobacco products. However, these cancers can develop in anyone. Learn more about head and neck cancer and our approach to care, which includes the use of highly targeted therapies such as TomoTherapy, at Jordan Valley Cancer Center…

Learn more about Head and Neck Cancer

Urological Cancer

Cancers of the urinary system, including prostate cancer – which carries a lifetime risk of one in seven for men in the U.S. – are classified as urological cancers. At Jordan Valley Cancer Center, oncologists use a variety of diagnostic tools and modalities to treat urological cancer. Learn more about these cancers…

Learn About Cancer Treatment Options

Learn more about the cancer treatment options available in West Jordan through the Jordan Valley Cancer Center. Contact us by calling 801-601-2260.