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Screening & Detection

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be scary. Patients face many unknowns throughout the process. That’s one reason why providers at Jordan Valley Cancer Center make it their goal to use diagnostic tools that are effective and appropriate for the patient. Not all diagnostic tools are the right fit for every patient. Your physician(s) and Nurse Navigator at our West Jordan facility can help you make decisions about which diagnostic options to pursue. Learn more about a few of the most commonly used screening, detection and diagnostic tools we use below…


Biopsy is the removal of cells (tissue or fluid) for the purposes of microscopic evaluation. Some biopsies may be performed with a tiny needle – even smaller than a needle used to draw blood; in some situations, biopsy may be done through endoscopy or surgery.

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Clinical Breast Exams & Mammogram

Clinical breast exams and mammograms, available at Jordan Valley Medical Center and our West Valley Campus, can be helpful for detecting breast cancer in certain demographics of women. If breast cancer is detected, then a diagnostic mammogram may be helpful in learning more about the cancer, monitoring its changes, and developing a treatment plan.

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MRI, PET & CT Scans

Jordan Valley Cancer Center is home to a number of advanced diagnostic imaging tools. Your provider may recommend a MRI, PET or CT scan for diagnosing and staging cancer. These imaging tools may allow physicians to obtain a vastly more detailed knowledge of the cancer than what would be possible through other methods.

Learn more about MRI, PET and CT scans

Prostate Screening

Prostate cancer screenings are recommended for some men. Screening may be done in the form of a digital rectal exam or PSA test (a simple blood test). Prostate cancer screening can be a highly effective preventative measure for the right populations. 

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Cancer Care… Close to Home

Learn more about cancer screening and detection at Jordan Valley Cancer Center. Contact us by calling 801-601-2260.