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Our Approach to Cancer Treatment

At Jordan Valley Cancer Center, specialists from a wide variety of backgrounds partner together to offer custom treatment solutions that fit the patient – not just one provider’s specialty. We believe that our integrative approach, which draws from a pool of medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and surgical oncologists, is key to our patients’ success.

By bringing together all of these experts under one roof, we are able to partner in developing unique solutions for every patient’s needs. Learn more below about our integrative approach to cancer care..

Medical Oncology

Partnering with Utah Cancer Specialists for medical oncology, the Jordan Valley Cancer Center uses a multidisciplinary approach to provide personalized care and treatment options to each patient. As a healthcare team, we oversee patient care from the point of cancer diagnosis through the course of treatment and follow-up services. Select a procedure below to learn more about it.

Radiation Oncology

Partnering with Gamma West Cancer Services for radiation therapy, Jordan Valley Cancer Center provides advanced internal and external radiation treatments. Our highly experienced board-certified radiation oncologists use next-generation technologies, specialized treatments and customized treatment delivery systems. This allows the radiation oncology team to design and deliver innovative treatment and personalized care. The team is comprised of radiation oncologists, therapists, medical physicists, dosimetrists, nurses and support staff.

treatment-2Additionally, Jordan Valley Cancer Center is proud to provide Elekta advanced technology as part of our cancer treatment services. Elekta provides radiation therapy, radiosurgery and corresponding equipment and software with an emphasis in delivering precise care in a timely manner. Learn more about:

Surgical Oncology

Surgical oncology combines a variety of surgical methods to diagnose, stage and treat cancer and cancer-related symptoms. In partnership with multiple surgical specialists, the Jordan Valley Cancer Center’s team of experienced surgeons provides traditional surgical options, as well as the less-invasive option of physician-directed robotic surgery. Our surgical oncology team will provide treatment and long-term management options for cancer at any stage. Select a procedure to learn more about it:

Cancer Care That Goes Above & Beyond

If your situation requires a hospital stay, our team of highly-skilled and caring staff will work for your recovery 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each patient receives a nurse navigator, who provides a high level of clinical and personalized care for the entire treatment process. As a result of cancer and cancer treatment, patients may develop functional challenges. To remedy this, physical therapists are a unique part of our cancer care team, assisting in returning the patient to regular daily functions.

Because cancer can take a toll both physically and emotionally, we offer a support group for the patient and caregivers. Additionally, we are proud to partner with the American Cancer Society to provide cancer patients and their families with several of the Society’s programs, such as the Cancer Resource Center, lodging, Road to Recovery, Look Good Feel Better, the Gift Closet and others. After active treatment we offer multiple survivorship programs to support you throughout your life.

For more information about your cancer treatment options at Jordan Valley Cancer Center, please contact us by calling 801-601-2260.